If experience has taught us anything, it’s that online marketing plays a key role in any project targeting an online audience. This is one of the reasons we have incorporated it as part of our core services.

The present is online and we would like to support your growth and expansion using over 10years of expertise, an experienced marketing team and a grounded understanding of what our customers need. As an extra, we have some amazing partners by our side who grant us access to their proprietary tools (i.e. GeoRanker, eRanker and more), allowing us to deliver real, measurable results, both locally and internationally.

Our organization believes in the power of example. Check out our client, EuroDNS, and our search engine case study. Coming from a very competitive market, EuroDNS have been managing domain names since 2002. Our client required our help in growing their organic traffic and sales.

Here is what we provided: full SEO audits, improved onsite SEO and internal links, performed competitive analysis and reverse engineering for their strategy, and crafted a series of online marketing solutions, accompanied by consulting services.

The result: in just 1year, we grew their organic sessions to 35%, and generated an increase in revenue of 43%.

Types of Online Marketing

We offer three major solutions to our clients worldwide. These include: Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and Website Brand Setup&Design services. Each solution is presented in a package. Based on our previous experiences with our customers, we have grouped the solutions in standard and custom packages, to meet every requirement. We can easily adapt and cater to specific needs, in the event a customer wants a detailed service as opposed to the full package deal.


Traffic: something we are not very fond of – offline, but are craving for – online. At SwissClass Trade, we have compiled a comfortable SEO package that will help our customers relax and enjoy the ride. Because, let’s face it, when you launch an online product or service, targeted traffic and leads are the recipe for success. And above anything else, we want our clients to be satisfied.

Here is what we can do for you:

SEO Audit

Our SEO team is here to help you understand why your website does not convert traffic or generate leads, as well as any hidden elements that block your business from thriving. We understand how many of our clients can feel lost in this complex process, and we came up with a step by step strategy to give them a crystal clear report on what they are already doing great and what needs further improvement.

Our SEO audit package includes:

Note: Our SEO audit solutions are designed for a better in-depth understanding of your local and international rankings. Our reports and audits are built to address comprehensive and analytical site issues, usability, reconsideration and conversion optimization. Contact us for more details.


Our in-house SEO consultants are ready to put their knowledge, expertise and experience on the line and help our customers understand the processes behind a website that performs and converts.

We have access or in some cases own the very tools, techniques and solutions that a business requires in today’s competitive web in order to drive sales and benefit from the advantages of e-sales locally and internationally.

The services we have designed include tactical and strategic internet marketing consulting solutions, fully functional, trustworthy, up to date and in accordance to high quality standards.

We value transparency and communication with our clients, and it is our pleasure to incorporate these two principles in our Consultancy package.

What we offer:

Contact us to learn more about our services and our rates.

Local SEO

We believe a Local SEO strategy is strong and effective if it can help our clients increase traffic, local visibility, brand authority and revenue on a long-term premise, while complying to the most up to date practices and search engine guidelines.

Communication must be at all times transparent and warm, as this process can often require patience and commitment not just for our part, but also from our clients’ side. That is why we use a combination of project management tools and communication channels to ensure the wellbeing of your local business in the SERPs.

Our Local SEO package is crafted using five simple, yet effective approaches:

  1. Extensive Research. We like to find, define and discover the gateway to happy visitors and happy clients. It is imperative to us that we pay great attention to the path between a search query and a click conversion.
  2. Proper Audit. We have often discovered that solutions lie hidden in details. That is why a local SEO audit is the key pre-element to a successful strategy.
  3. Spot-on Strategy. As a key element in our approach, we know that sometimes standard strategies are not enough to deliver results. That is why after carefully evaluating a website and its industry, we make use of detail intuition to determine the most effective strategy.
  4. Professional Execution. Let the fun begin: this is our actual call-to-action button. Now it is entirely up to our expert team to deliver and execute proper and professional on-site and off-site efforts. Having the client on our side, ready to witness and support this step is a great motivation and we are happy to have worked with some amazing clients so far.
  5. Analytics and Measurement. No local SEO campaign is completed without measuring and performing an analysis of our results. We enjoy creating reports and showcasing how effective our efforts were in helping you achieve your business goals.

For more details, “press” Contact.
We know that our clients are often based in multiple cities and locations across the world, or that they want to be visible in multiple local or international markets. Our multiple location SEO package addresses this exact need and aids businesses in being found anywhere around the globe.

This solution targets core requirements such as an increase in traffic from multiple cities or areas, visibility and brand authority in all the selected locations and of course, revenue increase on long-term premises. Independent of your search engine marketing needs, our SEO team makes sure to comply with the most up to date practices and guidelines from major players such as Google, Bing, Yandex and more.

As our client, you will always benefit from our transparency and attentive communication channels, as well as our project management systems, so you know the status of our efforts, receive regular updates and reports about your visibility in the locations you have previously chosen.

We provide research plans and seo audits for the desired locations, local strategies to benefit each location listing, professional execution on time, on demand and measure of your performance before and after. Same quality of services, in a package that addresses multiple locations and helps our customers reach their audiences in various areas around the world.

Connect with us for more details about our standard and custom multiple location seo services package.

Mobile apps SEO (ASO)

“Mobile is the Future”, as Eric Schmidt from Google likes to say. And at SwissClass Trade, we complement his quote by adding that “there is no present without mobile”. Any app we help our clients build is more than a stand-alone product. Mobile apps allow businesses to connect with users, and create a sense of community. In order to get there, any mobile app can benefit from a mobile search marketing strategy.

We have crafted an app store optimization package specifically to address the needs of our clients and the requirements of today’s competitive markets.
How can we help?

Besides the 5 key steps in our search engine marketing solutions (extensive research, proper audit, spot-on strategy, professional execution and analytics & measurement), we also make use of 2 additional elements: detail intuition and tactical analysis. Detail intuition allows us to identify the right combination of keywords for your mobile app, which would provide your business with the proper visibility in the app store. Tactical analysis helps us in a different way: we identify user behaviors which are imperative to the success of your mobile app.

Because in the end, a search optimization solution is not just about the search engines, but more about the human factor, the user behind the search. Our ASO cycle contains the following calls to action:

  1. Getting to know the product (the app), its users and its creators;
  2. Researching and identifying the core strengths and weaknesses (internal and external) of the app;
  3. Checking and improving of existing strengths and contents on-site;
  4. Analyzing reviews, ratings and user feedback for your app, off-site;
  5. Identifying the keywords that can improve rankings and positioning of the app inside the app store;
  6. Increasing app visibility and organic downloads in the app store;
  7. Measuring and providing the necessary aid so that your app maintains its ranks and grows its user database.

We currently offer app store optimization services for Apple’s app store and for Google Play. Connect with us for package deals (standard and custom).

PPC & Paid Marketing

Our clients do not have to wait for direct interaction with their customers, and to address the needs of a direct approach, we have created a service package that targets direct marketing, through PPC and Paid Marketing. These are valuable assets in any online marketing strategy, as they enable a direct relationship at the right time between our clients and their target audience.

How can we help you?

Through this package, we can introduce your brand to the right customer, and determine the appropriate channel for that interaction to happen. Through our tools and expertise we can estimate important elements such as the right place, time and device for your ad to perform and convert. Ultimately, this translates to our clients in great return on investment, revenue growth and appropriate solutions for display marketing strategies and lead generation.

Our service package includes:

Let’s connect and see how our standard and custom service packages can help your business in being right there, right now, on the right channel.

Social Media

No SEO efforts generate results without a proper social media strategy. Social signals matter in any campaign, along with shares and comments on the platforms that best align with your business. While it is good to have a social media presence on all the major channels, we encourage our clients to work with us in identifying the best performing social media environments for their business model.

For some of our customers, Facebook performs best, therefore we channel all our expertise and team efforts into driving great values in terms of engagement, social media sales and revenue. While for others, Twitter can be a great channel to increase brand awareness, connect with their audience, communicate with influencers in the industry and enhance growth.

The same applies in any other case, for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat and more. A recent player has gained attention, with its recent upgrades: Instagram for business, now offering “Stories” and analytics to measure campaigns effectively.

To match customer needs and industry demands, we have compiled a set of three elements in our Social media service package:

UX & CRO (conversion optimization)

Our UX and CRO solutions provide our clients with the right knowledge regarding customer journey from search query to the actual call-to-action button on a page. This package is created using up-to-date usability insights, proper landing page optimization techniques, functional testing and user testing (i.e. A/B testing), and of course, extensive cognitive analysis in terms of online user behavior.

There is no room for excuses and bad user experience in today’s markets. Customer credibility and trust are key elements in building a prosperous online environment for your business. Without trust, there is no purchase, no community and without credibility, there is no future.

We want to help our clients thrive in terms of business. And that is why our teams are ready to assist you in creating an effective, simple and intuitive customer experience that generates leads, revenue and growth.

Actions you can expect from us:

If you think we can help, don’t be shy and get in touch with us.

Content Marketing

Content has evolved in the past few years: it’s not just something you write for the sake of ranking in search engines. Rather, content is linked to your audience and your readership, and ultimately to how they perceive your online presence. How people interact with you content in its various forms (audio, video, text, image, animation, slideshow, live broadcasting) is a sign if your content marketing strategy is effective or not.

We have crafted our content marketing service package to be in sync with the message each of our customers wish to project on their websites and social media channels, in their blog posts and email newsletters.

Goals we want to help you achieve using our content marketing solutions:

Types of solutions we offer include the promotion and creation of various digital assets that generate exposure on social media and industry-specific websites, attract citations, get mentions and receive recognition at a local and/or international level.

All our assets, in the form of blog posts, ever-green in-depth articles, white papers, infographics, images, applications, videos and more are constantly checked for quality and originality, as well as for accuracy and readability.

Now you don’t have to worry about Yoast’s readability scores, we’ve got your covered.

Contact us and find out how.

Website Brand Setup & Design

At SwissClass Trade, we understand the need for a strong sustained brand. Your website is not your online business card anymore, meaning it is not sufficient to just get a domain up and running. The competitive industries nowadays demand a more extensive approach on the idea of “an online image”. A brand covering all brand elements is what differentiates your business from competitors.

Here is where we can help. We have designed a service package that addresses the needs and requirements of a powerful brand. Our team will take care of the process from start to finish and setup, design and assist you in your website’s brand launch.

What we cover in terms of website brand setup and design:

Customer satisfaction is among our top priorities. If you are not convinced about working with us, drop by our Testimonials section. We like to let our clients do the talking.

Our Skills

You Invent, we Develop and Secure

Ready to face the threats of the 21st Century?

At SwissClass Trade we make it our personal mission to address the topic of Cyber Criminality in all industries. We developed many software solutions for international clients and later on pen tested them to see the flaws in the system. It is not a bad thing to find security flaws, as long as it is somebody on your side. Let’s raise awareness together and make Switzerland safe again.