Development is an active component of our services. Many of our customers require in-demand skills that address specific projects. We have successfully covered many of today’s trending skills in development from Front-End, Java, PHP, CMS, WordPress to Mobile Apps and Databases. Our team is not just experienced in all the major web programming languages, but also curious on acquiring new skills and developing existing ones.

How We Work

Before the actual implementation of the development process, we follow specific pre-steps such as identifying, defining and setting the requests from our customers. Once the stages are identified, defined and set in the designated project management tool for a given project, we mobilize the development teams. In some cases, we will use different development teams from our organization and work in sync with each other to meet requirements and deadlines. I.e. The web design team will always know the progress of the web development team, so that when a) one team concludes their tasks, the other team can enter and deliver, or b) both teams work in the same time and deliver one final product in the same time.

Our aim is to deliver the product on time, on demand and meet each customer’s expectation, independent of location, time zone and project complexity.

Types of Development

We offer five major development solutions to our clients worldwide. These include: Front-End, Java, PHP, CMS, Mobile Apps, Databases. Each solution is presented in a package, based on our customer history. We can easily adapt and cater to specific needs, in the event a customer requires just one service and not the entire package.

Front-End Package

Front-end has changed throughout the years and we can proudly say that at SwissClass Trade we reshaped our solutions according to the needs and trends of our customers. The team constantly harnesses their skills in visualisation tools, creative suites, and coding (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and more) in order to deliver an interactive user experience and end product.

With every new change in web pages, website demands, user behavior and devices used to access the Internet, this Front-End package meets current trends and demands of the world wide web, combining clean, clear and responsive web solutions.

Our team of programmers and developers have extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, several Javascript frameworks such as JQuery, D3.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, Grunt, Bower and other languages. Clients can opt for a standard or custom front-end package. Contact us for more information.


As an independent and neutral high performance programming language, suitable for any desktop, web and mobile environment, Java is a best match in terms of stability, scalability and synchronization for both simple and complex enterprise applications.

As an imperative element in any Android, web application, and web service we deliver, Java is one of the most active “shareholders” in our development package. Customers worldwide recognize our efforts in building extensive web, desktop and mobile applications that meet their demands, and integrate the expectations of any programming environment. Our team at SwissClass Trade combines the passion for Java and a rich technical programming background to deliver accelerated bespoke solutions, including:

Contact us today for a standard or custom quote of our Java pack.

PHP Technologies

PHP technologies welcome the idea of fast, secure and extensible solutions across all major web application development platforms. As a web dev language, PHP comes with great community support and open source frameworks.

Our development team enjoys capitalizing on their PHP skills and efforts in dealing with business challenges. Some of the areas in which we build and implement PHP solutions include web portals; social platforms; CMS (content management systems); CRM systems; workflow, eCommerce and custom web applications. In a nutshell, our knowledge of PHP carefully addresses custom PHP web applications and APIs.

PHP based technologies we currently use include:

Knowledge of these PHP frameworks significantly contributes to the overall success of our projects, by allowing us to deliver scalable and maintainable solutions. Our PHP dev team can help our clients build proper layers in their applications.

For example, we can create persistence layers that sustain millions of requests without affecting the integrity or security of a session in your web application. Yii frameworks ensure complex business logic solutions for content management systems such as Drupal or Joomla. This helps greatly in handling customizations, workflows, search or indexing capabilities.

Ultimately, PHP frameworks leave their footprint in the intuition and responsiveness of a web application, by leveraging the web experience, along with web client technologies (Ajax, jQuery etc).

Learn how we can help you create a better web experience for your products and services.


CMS (Content Management System) offers an efficient and effective way to manage, control and create user-friendly content on a web page, independent if the design is mobile-only or just mobile responsive. I.e. create, edit, review or publish audio, video, visual and text content. Popular platforms that operate on CMS include WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zoomla, ZenCart, DotNetNuke, Text Pattern, Concrete5, ModX and more.

Our CMS solutions combine the experience and expertise our team has acquired throughout the years with every successful project. We know how important it is to deliver great products and help our clients achieve results. That is why we incorporated these clear benefits in our package deal:

Our CMS developers at SwissClass Trade are well versed in the art of platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Geeklog and GetSimple CMS. E-Commerce platforms we enjoy working with, include PrestaShop, OpenCart, WordPress WooCommerce and PlentyMarkets. We also offer plugin development for different frameworks (WordPress, VBulletin, PHPbb and Prestashop).

Since we have mentioned the word “e-commerce”, it is only natural to hold the knowledge of CMS-friendly payment solutions for your e-shop. Payment gateways we operate with: Stripe, Paypal, Mobilpay and others (regional, local or international alternatives).

Customers worldwide have previously requested the implementation of forum functions, including PhPbb, vbulletin 5.1 Connect, and Simple Machines Forums. Whenever a customer requests a forum function or element on their website, we make it happen.

Our CMS service package goes even further by incorporating hosting solutions such as WHMCS management, customization and custom addons, to deliver customer satisfaction, as well as web applications using Yii1/2 Framework, Laravel Framework, Lumen Framework and Custom Rest API implementations.
Standard and custom solutions also include solutions using pure PHP and Java, frameworks such as Yii2 or laravel and custom-Integrations with 3rd parties APIs (payment services, different services with api connection available).

Contact us to learn how we can do great stuff together.

Mobile Applications

“Mobile is the Future, and there’s no such thing as communication overload”. We would like to complement this quote by Eric Schmidt from Google and add just one more thing: mobile is the New Now.

At SwissClass Trade, we know there is no present without mobile, so we are offering our clients the gift mobility and latest technology through our mobile app solutions. Not sure if mobile is the right way to go? Our awesome mobile dev team has compiled 10 reasons why mobile apps matter and will only matter more in the years to come:

  1. Mobile phone users return 38% more often to an app on a larger device, due to clarity and design;
  2. According to predictions, by 2020 the world will be connected with over 6billion smartphones;
  3. 20% of millennials will stop using your product if it comes with a poor mobile app;
  4. 31% of millennials will stop referring your product to friends and family if it comes with a poor mobile app;
  5. 63% of millennials in major markets prefer to buy using a mobile app;
  6. By 2024, sales made on mobile devices are expected to grow by 42% in major markets;
  7. By 2017, worldwide mobile apps are expected to hit 268billion downloads;
  8. By 2017, download values for premium mobile apps are expected to hit 13billion;
  9. 43% of shoppers in major markets use their mobile devices inside retail stores to scan, compare and get deals;
  10. 15 out of 50 high street retailers (including big brands) do not currently have an iOS or
    Android app.

Here is an extensive list of standard and custom mobile applications and solutions, specially designed to address our customers’ needs:

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With cross-platform development comes great responsibility. That is why we cannot cover an application development without offering the designated database solution for it. Our team members are constantly challenging their growth and skills acquisition to meet the industry’s trends and to address our customers’ needs.
At SwissClass Trade, we strongly believe that without data, there is no tomorrow. Based on the experience and expertise we have accumulated in over 10years of activity on the international market, we have designed a complete package that does justice to any platform, system or solution our customers want to create and use further in their business. Our Databases service package covers Database Design, Development, Integration and Conversion, Management and Administration and Maintenance and Support.
Here is a list of technologies and solutions we offer:

1)   RDBMS: MySql, Postgresql, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2;

2)   NOSQL: MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra;

3)   Source-code versioning includes Git:

4)    Development processes we work with include:

Custom and standard solutions are available to customers worldwide. Contact us for more details.

What We Are Learning Right Now

We believe in continuous learning and growth through new languages and skills and this has always been the case in our organization. Each of our team members is aware that in IT, today’s technologies may not meet tomorrow’s industry demands. The acquisition of new skills never stops. We would like to share with our clients some new technologies we are currently learning. These will be ready in the near future, as part of a custom team whenever our customers require it:

Drop us a line and let us know if you would like to see any of these technologies used or implemented in your future projects and ideas.

Our Skills

You Invent, we Develop and Secure

Ready to face the threats of the 21st Century?

At SwissClass Trade we make it our personal mission to address the topic of Cyber Criminality in all industries. We developed many software solutions for international clients and later on pen tested them to see the flaws in the system. It is not a bad thing to find security flaws, as long as it is somebody on your side. Let’s raise awareness together and make Switzerland safe again.