Cyber Attacks Simulation are one of the best way to understand how your IT Security Team acts in critical situations, with small time frames to take decisions that can make the difference between saving the company and important financial losses. Moreover, all types of scenarios we are able to create, improves the security skills of your team members, sharpen their attitude and they will know how to detect, react and mitigate sophisticated attacks (both criminal and state sponsored attacks), minimizing loses.

  • Red Team vs Blue Team
  • Capture the Flag
  • Cyber Attacks Simulation

In this exercise, the class is divided into two teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Red Team is responsible for attacking and compromising a set of hosts, while the Blue Team is responsible for detecting the attacks and, in a limited form, for protecting the hosts.

What are the benefits of a Red Team vs Blue Team scenario?

  • understand which are best skills of each class member
  • keep class member skills sharp and up to date to the latest cyber attacks vectors
  • class members will have a real hands-on experience in various scenarios of sophisticated attacks
  • class members will learn both how to attack and protect an infrastructure under stressful environment, where comprehensive and fast reaction can make the difference
  • it can be just another way of team building activity

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At SwissClass Trade we make it our personal mission to address the topic of Cyber Criminality in all industries. We developed many software solutions for international clients and later on pen tested them to see the flaws in the system. It is not a bad thing to find security flaws, as long as it is somebody on your side. Let’s raise awareness together and make Switzerland safe again.