A cyber attack is an attack initiated by a person or a group of people against a website, computer system or individual computer (collectively, an asset) that compromises the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the system or information stored on it. Cyber attacks take many forms, including: „

  • Gaining, or attempting to gain, unauthorized access to an infrastructure assets or its data;
  • Unwanted disruption or denial of service attacks, including the take down of entire web sites or networks;
  • Installation of viruses or malicious code (malware or backdoors) on infrastructure assets;
  • Unauthorized use of an asset for processing or storing data; „
  • Changes to the characteristics of an asset’s hardware, firmware or software without the owner’s knowledge, instruction or consent; „
  • Inappropriate use of assets by employees or former employee;

Cyber Attacks Recovery should be taken very seriously by any kind of organization, whether we are talk of a Public structure or a Small Business, all assets must be protected. Moreover, attack vectors and other potential risks should be removed very fast because underground communities respond quickly to vulnerabilities and potential breaches. Last, cyber attack recovery are very expensive.

A 2012 study of 2,618 business leaders and security practitioners in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and Brazil organised by IBM found that they experienced an average of 66 attacks per week, with organizations in Germany and the U.S. reporting the highest numbers: 82 and 79 per week, respectively. The average cost of recovering from a single cyber attack was estimated to be as much as nearly $300,000 by the organizations mentioned in the above 2012 study. That could amount to nearly $1 billion over the course of a year.

When you are dealing with an attack you should prioritize a cyber incident response plan that identifies cyber attack scenarios and sets out appropriate responses. While the plan must be customized for each company’s particular circumstances, the plan should generally address the following basic components: „ creating a response team that is able to analyze andreport an incident, initial response approach, detailed investigation, recovery and follow-up, public relations and law enforcement communication.

Why do you need to Recover from Cyber Attacks?

  • restore your network & online reputation
  • identify and remove malicious code, malware & backdoors from compromised network
  • understand the attack vector from the incident response report and secure your assets
  • you will learn how to implement a proactive plan for a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • you will learn how to prioritize your business objectives & risk tolerance
  • prepare your business and assets to the inevitable: a future sophisticated attack against your network
  • learn how to promote and support a culture of security awarness

Choose the Approach that Match Your Needs

When a Cyber Attack happens there are several technical solutions to consider. At a high level, these solutions include:

Disaster & Attacks Recovery Plan

A complete Disaster Recovery Plan for IT Security should start with a strong perimeter defense and then working toward effective defense-in-depth and then border protection should be evaluated for effective recovery operations. Next, Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Malware Protection should be integrated in the core of your network. Moreover, patches and host configurationshould be prioritized in the tasks of systems administrators along with Vulnerability Surveillance.This proactive approach will reduce up to 75% of the risks to be compromised. Combining responsible Disaster Recovery Plan for IT Security with a reactive Sophisticated Attack Recovery Plan, your company will be able to reduce the costs of any cyber incident, optimizing the process flow and keeping the business reputation at a high level even if an attack against business assets will succeed.

Incident Response

We are focused on helping organizations recover from computer security events while minimizing the impact of the event on the organization for state-sponsored attacks, cyber criminal organisation attacks, financial crime, insider threats. During an investigation, we perform the following:

Malicious Code, Backdoors & Malware Removal

After any cyber attack, it’s mandatory to isolate and limit the access to confidential assets of any business in order to minimize financial loss and reputation damage. At the same time our team will collect evidence about the cyber attack in order to identify the attack vector used by cyber criminals in order to recreate their action in your environment.Once we have enough information of your site, SwissClass Trade team will hunt down malicious scripts, backdoors and malware which might have been used to gain the access deeply in your network environment.

After identification and removal of the malicious code, your network assets will be restored and you will receive a detailed & comprehensive report of all findings.

Environments we are good at

SwissClass Trade has the capabilities and knowledge to deliver professional & comprehensive results for Cyber Attacks Recovery in various fields including:

  • Web Applications
  • Software Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Network Infrastructures
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Social Engineering

Report Sample

SwissClass Trade use international standard for the structure of the Client Reports after any Cyber Attack Recovery process. Client reports follow the same philosophy and approach to prioritize useful deliverables in all client reports, including:

  • Limitations Regarding the Disclosure and Use of This Report
  • General Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Conducted Tests
  • Breaches & Malicious Codes Identified (List, Distribution, what they do )
  • Detailed Report of Each Breach & Malicious Code
  • Conclusions (Recommendation, Counter Measures & Remediation)

Our Skills

You Invent, we Develop and Secure

Ready to face the threats of the 21st Century?

At SwissClass Trade we make it our personal mission to address the topic of Cyber Criminality in all industries. We developed many software solutions for international clients and later on pen tested them to see the flaws in the system. It is not a bad thing to find security flaws, as long as it is somebody on your side. Let’s raise awareness together and make Switzerland safe again.