Digital Security in the 21st Century

In an ever vastly changing world with many dangers especially in the internet, you want to make your customers feel secure about working with you. Security Audits, Penetration Tests or Social Engineering Trainings we bring you and your company up to speed and help you keep cyber criminals away from your customers or company data.

We help you in every possible area of Digital Security. We like to split those services into 4 categories:

Our online security package offers protection to our clients and their business in the following areas:

Our call to action is crystal clear: we identify, set, promote and protect our clients’ online assets. Connect with us today and learn how we can protect yours.

Top Layer Security Test

Part of our Cyber Security Awareness Campaign are two Top Layer Security Test which should raise awareness to the faults in our day to day IT infrastructure or Web Applications. We will scan the first layer of your Infrastructure or Web Application to determine if there are already exploits in the first layer.

Top Layer Infrastructure Security Test

And provide you in the end with an Awareness Security Report that contains

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Top Layer Web Application Security Test:

And provide you in the end with an Awareness Security Report that contains:

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Our Skills

You Invent, we Develop and Secure

Ready to face the threats of the 21st Century?

At SwissClass Trade we make it our personal mission to address the topic of Cyber Criminality in all industries. We developed many software solutions for international clients and later on pen tested them to see the flaws in the system. It is not a bad thing to find security flaws, as long as it is somebody on your side. Let’s raise awareness together and make Switzerland safe again.